Thelma, my bronze baby

Last week I managed to finish my sixth custom Blythe and I'm pretty pleased with how she turned out!

Meet Thelma. I got all Frankenstein on her as she's a hybrid Cappucino Chat/Nicky Lad/Pure Neemo body. In all honesty, I didn't have any concrete plans for her(I usually just go with how I feel at that moment when the scalpel hits and the paintbrush dips). This is the first time I have attempted an open mouth which took ages. Let's not talk about sanding. I knew that I wanted to pick out the brassiness in her hair. Those who know me well will know of my penchant for gold and glitter. So away we went. Past customs have involved delicate acrylic work on the lids and have themes to match their Takara names but since Thelma was a mixed up kid, I thought I would experiment. Again, any excuse for a bit of metallics. Technique was random but I like the effect so I think I might have a go again with another doll - there's a lovely tan Roxy Baby waiting in the wings who would totally take some hardcore bling. Last eye related note - I managed to find some brown lashes made of horse hair which lends a really natural yet lush look. A smattering and a smudge of even more brassy paint for some freckles that show up beautifully in the light.

All that was left was to style her up. I went for 1930's broad with a bit of attitude. Whaddya think?

#Blythe #CappucinoChat #NickyLad #PureNeemo #1930s #Flapper #Broad #Doll #Bling #Bronze

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