Magik = Glitter

September sees the beginning of the academic year and in this particular household, is a huge move away from the idyll of summer. It also means that I have a little less time to do my dolly work. I think though, that after three weeks into the term I'm starting to find pockets of time! So many pockets in fact, that I have managed to create a girl for September and her name is Selene...

Selene, magik and mystery

Selene has a story. I suspect she may not be of our world with her wild, whimsical hair and iridescent skin. Of course, the eyes...

What I do know about Selene is that she was born a Roxy Baby. A much sought after tan girl who I managed to acquire at the same time as the fabulous young alpaca reroot from a fellow Blyther in The Netherlands. This wonderful scalp told me that this baby had to be magical. Goody. Magik = glitter.

My main aim however, was to experiment with fuller lips. During the carving stage it's hard to know just how full the effect will be. The carving itself was straightforward but the painting went through several processes before I was happy. Originally, Selene's overall make up had a more natural tone but something inside made me needed more darkness, more character. So out came the black and brown. Lid art is a literal splatter of bronze powder against matt black which is a lovely effect I think.

She has retained one of her stock eyechips. I chose the more aqua of the blues which is stunning against her skin tone. I have also added two more handpainted sets (both brown), one a light and shiny marron and the other deep and dark, almost black. I love the depth of character it gives her. I hope you will agree...

#glitter #alpaca #roxybaby #blythe #tan #lips #magik

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