Blog neglect #firstworldproblems

Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!

Yep peeps, I've had an attack of blog neglect syndrome but I'm finally back on after a few months of real life getting in the way. For future reference though, dolly updates are always available on my Facebook page as I'm pretty active there and it's much quicker too!

The story so far...

Well, I'll start with enchanting Selene who last we saw, had just reanimated into a magical, glowing ray of moonlight kind of gal. A good friend and fellow Blyther plus my hubby commented that she very much resembled Marvel Storm so despite my lack of sewing skills, I decided to have a stab at creating an X-Men costume for fun. I'm really happy with the result! It gives her this cool ass dimension which is a quality I love in a Blythe!

#marvel #superhero #xmen #dollycouture #sass #storm

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