Jessica Rabbit Redux

Those of you who have been following my relatively short dolly adventures from the beginning, will know that there is absolutely NO pattern to the girls I create and each one is a surprise even to me! Something you should know about me is that I have a red head obsession - not only with my own doll collection but also with my own head. Unfortunately I am too practical to go down the road of sleeping on black towels to avoid hair stain on bedding so I'm settling for red hair on dolls. Enter custom girl #8!

Her base doll is Zinochika and the only girl thus far who I had some ideas about. I knew that I wanted to create a slightly retro and glamorous creature with all that glorious hair (and it really is glorious). I have a really impromptu way of working, that is to say, I usually just go with the flow with no huge plan of how I will achieve the end result or indeed what the end result will be! So when faced with her beautifully creamy skin tone, I had to follow the advice of friends when tackling her make up as one part of me wanted to go all out and sparkle her up whilst the other wanted to keep it simple. The consensus was milky over sparkly which was a good verdict I feel. I did manage to sneak in some glitter on her lids though :)

Now a girl like this needs an outfit to match so as per usual, I ran before I could walk and threw myself into making a dress for her. My design incorporates the glamour of a siren and the playfulness of my personality! I have used synthetic taffeta in a wonderfully rusty red and lined the train with an exotic chinoiserie. Fun rabbit ears over the straps (not particularly fun to make) and a huge rabbit tail complete the outfit that I have dubbed a modern take on Jessica Rabbit. I look forward to developing my sewing skills so that I can continue to create unique outfits like this one! I hope you like it!

Presenting Scarlett <3

#zinochika #redhead #glamour #glitter #retro #bombshell #jessicarabbit #dollycouture

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