Viva la France!

November saw me busy - simultaneously working on two girls with a theme in mind. I had stock Lavender Hug and Petit dejeuner Champs Elysees lying in my WIP waiting room (read drawer) and quite fancied working on a French theme based upon their stock names. So the plan for a Provence and a Paris girl was born! Lavender is a huge love of mine and a plant that I grow prolifically in my garden - I have roughly 10-15 varieties! It seemed natural to make a little babe from Provence so the seed was sown :)

My other lovely girl was obviously going to be Parisienne! What I didn't know or plan was how they would look. I ordered two scalps, one platinum, one chocolate and got on with the carving. I'm really interested in working towards a more realistic mouth, trying to replicate the creases in lips. It ain't easy! However, I was quite pleased with how they turned out.

When the scalps finally arrived, I was faced with a HUGE dilemma...which scalp on which girl? I threw it out to my FB Blythe friends and it was pretty much split down the middle so I had to make an executive decision. My heart said platinum for the Paris girl and chocolate for the Provence babe.

Trying on different scalps!

I really liked the platinum on this face plate - it was so playful, so happy and so full of joie de vivre - just what I thought the girl from Paris should be!

So with this decision made, I gave Provence the chocolate and oh my! It was PERFECT.

The final decision to be made was whether or not to chop off Provence's hair! I had definitely wanted a girl with a bob so I took a massively deep breath...well I'll let you see the results for yourself :)

Presenting Lucienne from Paris and Manon from Provence <3

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