Girls, girls, girls!

Goodness gracious me, my world has thoroughly turned upside down and it seems that the dear little darlings are stealing all of my time and leaving scraps for blogging. I managed to catch a bug this last week so the practical work has come to a halt and now that I actually have the energy to type, I thought I'd throw a few words out there to those who might pass by and think I had died since last I wrote! I've also managed to clean up this virtual house and sorted out the portfolio a bit - hope you like the new look.

The beginning of this year has been filled with a couple of commissions and a few of my own ideas and it was quite a diversity! My Facebook page and Instagram account (which is now renamed whiterabbitblythes) are updated constantly so please do follow me :)

I'd like to avoid duplicating my other social media posts so what I will say here is that my next couple of projects will involve two more commissions and for something a little different, two Icy dolls. One of these little ladies will be an ultra special gift, deadline April (YIKES!). My very first custom was an Icy doll for one of my daughters so it will be interesting to see how differently I do things this time.

After these are all completed, I have a booking for May so it's all go, go, go!

Mink xx

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